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    Company Info

    " Excellent, I'm satisfied with this seller Leeman's LED screens, perfect. "  Mr Richard L.A. Meijs, MBA, Vegas, United States, LED Screens LLC.


    " Great quality at an affordable price and excellent costumer service from Leeman Display Technology Limited, any problem is timely solved. " Mr PEDRO JESUS CONDE HERNANDEZ, Mexico, LED DMX TECH.


    " Your LED display is working excellent and our governments are very satisfied with your screens. " Mr Jorge Gomez Torres, Columbia, AlfaCom SAS, Group.


    " Yes, I recommend this seller Leeman and give 5 stars, hight quality and fast delivery." Mr Marcelo Gaete Crichton, Chile, GRUPO 3G LED LTDA.


    "Leeman Display Technology Limited is an amazing company, I always buy a lot of LED displays from them." Mr. JUAN CARLOS ALFARO, Trujillo, Peru. ALAC OUTDOOR SAC.


    " Glad to cooperate with Leeman people again,they are patient to answer each questions. High quality & best oversea service. " Mr Daniel Reynolds, UK, Dynamo LED Displays Ltd.


    " I want to buy many LED screens from Leeman Display Technology Limited again. "  Mr Fabio Alex de Moraes, Brazil, Best Print Comercio e Suporte para Imporessora Solvente Ltda.


    " My partner and I visited Leeman factory in 20th - 25th July, the workshop's environment is very good, the Outdoor P10 Full Color LED Screen 320sqm gave us a great visual effect." Mr Mohammed Abahssain, Germany, LEDALL Advertising Technology.


    " Leeman LED display modules are working extremely well, very very low price with high quality, also we're satisfied with the services provided." Mr. Johnson Z. X. Alicante, Spain. LEDITECH LED.


    "We strongly recommend you Leeman's LED video wall Screen, perfect products."  Mr Marc OSSWALD - C.E.O.  in France, Europe. LED Winlight International.


    " Happy to build long-term cooperation with Leeman's people, they are very very professional and responsible, we trust them. " Mr Paul Grady, United Kingdom, PRO LED LIGHT UK LTD. 


    " We are looking forward to building a long-term relationship with Leeman Display Technology Limited. " Mr Vasyliy Melnik , Ukraine, LEDStyle.


    " I'm very happy with Leeman's People, good communication and excellent overall service." Mr Stefka Kandeva, Bulgaria, LESI-2000 Ltd.

    Founded in 1994 Leeman has a strong global presence with regional offices in Europe, North and South America, the Asia Pacific and China. Employing the most advanced technology, the highest quality manufacturing facilities, and world-class, round-the-clock technical support, Lighthouse satisfies customers on every major continent and captivates the imagination of millions.

    Leeman Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 02314) On 26 September 2003.

    Leeman Display Technology Limited. 

    Leeman Paper Manufacturing Limited

    Shenzhen Leeman Industrial Limited

    ZhongShan Leeman LED Lighting Co., LTD

    GuangZhou Leeman Stage Lighting Equipment Co., LTD

    Why Choose LEEMAN DISPLAY?

    Safety & Quality Assurance

    Meets world-class safety standards

    Systematic manufacturing management

    Stringent QA process and scientific testing

    Creativity & Innovation

    First to introduce outdoor SMD LED screen to the market

    Customer-oriented designs

    Innovative, creative team of R&D, manufacturing, and technical support

    Technological Advancement

    Leeman proprietary award-winning M5 Technology

    Powerful 4K HD LCM processor

    16-bit color processing

    Sustainability Policy

    It is the policy of the Company to adopt social responsibility initiatives and strive to be a good corporate citizen. We are committed to adopting sustainable development by integrating sustainability in our business operation. We are devoted to upholding environmental protection, social responsibility, as well as good corporate governance.

    1) Environmental protection

    Observe and follow applicable environment protection laws and regulations.

    Take proactive measures to minimize negative impact on the environment.

    Enhance employee awareness of environmental protection.

    2) Social responsibility

    Observe and follow labour laws and regulations.

    Strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment to all employees.

    Support meaningful community-oriented activities in partnership with our stakeholders.

    3) Corporate governance 

    Observe and follow commercial laws and regulations.

    Commit to integrity, fair business and competition.

    Identify and manage potential risks.

    Our LED Products are exported worldwide more than 120 countries and regions such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Ukraine, Israel, Spain, Romania, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa etc.

    Leeman Display Technology Limited is a global leader in LED video display technology that develops, manufactures, and markets LED video display solutions for multiple indoor & outdoor applications, media and entertainment events, and sports arenas across the globe. With numerous technological breakthroughs to our name, Lighthouse is a multi award-winning leader in the LED video display industry that holds itself with the highest standards of quality.

    Indoor rental die casting aluminum and videowall led screen.

    P0.75, P1.25, P1.667, P1.875, P1.923, P2, P2.5, P3, P3.91, P4, P4.81, P5, P6, P6.25 P7.62, P8, P10

    Outdoor fixed installation or rental die casting led display 

    P3.91 ,P4, P4.81, P5, P5.33, P5.95, P6, P6.25, P6.67, P7.625, P8, P8.926, P10, P10.44, P12,  P16, P20

    P1.25 P1.266 P1.45 P1.56 P1.58 P1.667 P1.78

    P1.875 P1.904 P1.923 P2 P2.5 P2.97, P3.47 P3.91 P4.81

    P1.388 P1.47 P1.5625 P1.579 P1.667 P1.875 P1.923 P2 P2.5

    Cabinet size 400mm x 300mm (16:9)

    Cabinet size 480mm x 480mm (16:9)

    Cabinet size 600mm x 337mm (16:9)

    Cabinet size 608mm x 343mm (16:9)

    Cabinet size 500mm x 500mm 

    Cabinet size 500mm x 1000mm 

    Cabinet size 512mm x 512mm 

    Cabinet size 576mm x 576mm 

    Cabinet size 640mm x 640mm 

    Cabinet size 768mm x 768mm 

    Cabinet size 960mm x 960mm 

    Cabinet size 1024mm x 1024mm 

    Product Categories

    SMD Outdoor LED Display

    HD Indoor LED Display

    Rental LED Display

    Outdoor LED Module

    Indoor LED Module

    DIP RGB LED Display

    Transparent LED Screen

    Front Service LED Display

    Flexible LED Curtain

    LED Gas Station Sign

    Creative LED Display

    Floor Interactive Screen

    Arc Curve LED Screen

    Spherical LED Screen

    DIY LED Display

    Programmable LED Sign

    LED Taxi Bus Display

    Mobile LED Display

    Stadium LED Billboard

    LED Controller Card

    Small Pitch LED Display

    Outdoor DIP LED Display

    Indoor Videowall LED Screen

    LED Display Module

    LED Transparent Glass

    LED Flexible Soft Curtain

    LED Video Wall Screen

    LED Stadium Billboard

    LED Mobile Truck Taxi

    LED Message Sign

    LED Clock Time Temp

    LED Gas Oil Price Sign

    LED Media Facade


    GuangZhou Leeman Stage Lighting Equipment Co., LTD

    DJ Stage Lights  

    LED Moving Head Light  

    LED Par Can Lights 

    Disco Stage Lights 

    Beam Moving Head Light  

    Outdoor LED Par 

    RGB LED Wall Washer 

    LED Stage Flood Lights 

    LED Wall Wash Light  

    Wireless LED Par Cans 

    Laser Stage Light  

    Special Effect Equipment  

    Theater Stage Lighting  

    DMX Lighting Controller  

    Stage Lighting Truss 

    LED Star Curtain 

    LED Video Curtain 

    LED Beam Moving Head Light

    LED Spot Moving Head Light 

    Beam Moving Head Light 

    LED Par Stage Lights

    LED Wall Washer Light 

    Laser Stage Light

    LED Matrix Lights

    Profile Stage Light

    LED Architectural Lighting 

    LED Strobe Light

    LED Disco Lights

    Follow Spot Light

    Stage Fog Machine

    DMX Lighting Controller

    Rack Flight Case

    Stage Lighting Accessories

    DMX LED Light Controller 

    DMX LED Controller 

    DMX Lighting Controller 

    RGB DMX Controller 

    DMX Dimmer Pack  

    DMX Lighting Console  

    LED Moving Head Lights 

    LED Stage Par Lights 

    LED Wall Washer Light  

    LED Stage Light  

    LED Beam Lights 

    Wireless LED Par Lights 

    ZhongShan Leeman LED Lighting Co., LTD

    Waterproof LED Flood Lights

    High Power LED Flood Light 

    Outdoor LED Flood Lights

    LED Street Lighting  

    LED HighBay Light 

    LED Stadium Light 

    LED Lowbay Light  

    LED Canopy Lights

    LED Billboard Lights

    LED Tunnel Lights

    LED Ceiling Light 

    LED DownLight 

    LED Track Lights 

    LED Ceiling Panel Lights

    Square LED Panel Light

    Round LED Panel Lights

    Dimmable LED Filament Bulb

    LED Filament Candle Bulb

    Recessed LED Downlights

    UFO LED High Bay Light

    LED Tri-Proof Light

    Waterproof LED Flood Lights

    Dimmable LED Spotlights

    LED High Bay Lamp

    T5 LED Tube Light

    T8 LED Tube Light

    Super Slim Flood Light

    Outdoor LED Flood Lights

    Dimmable Led Lights, 

    Gas Station Canopy Lights

    High Power LED Floodlight 

    Led Corn Lamp

    LED Downlight with COB or SMD LEDs

    LED High Bay Light 

    LED Industrial Lights

    LED Panels Ceiling Lighting 

    LED Panels Lighting

    LED Spot Light Bulb

    LED Street Lighting 

    LED Tube Lights 

    LED Tube Lights T8 

    LED Tunnel Light 

    Mining LED Headlamps 

    Outdoor LED Floodlight 

    RGB Led Lighting 

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