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    Home  /  Case / LED displays of installation

    LED displays of installation

    Wireless LED School Sign

    Wireless LED School Sign

    LED Display Type:Traffic LED Sign

    Product Code: DK-OFV12

    Pixel Pitch: 37.5mm

    Pixel Density: 6944dots/sq.m

    Location: USA

    The advantage is evident, comparing with the static sign boards. The first is the high brightness which is necessary especially in the high way. The drivers would see the led signs from hundreds of meters away, so they could act in advance to avoid the possible traffic accidents. When the weather is not good such as the snow, rain, fog weathers, people can hardly seen the cars in a close distance, not to mention the static traffic guiding sign boards. But when we use led signs, we could program it as blinking with a defined frequency. It is not possible to calculate how many traffic accidents avoid with the help of the traffic led signs, but all the people know its help.

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