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    Do You Know How To Solve These P10 Outdoor SMD LED Module Failures A?

    Mar. 04, 2019

    1. At the time of startup, the prompt "The big P10 Outdoor SMD LED Module system is not found"

    Fault reason: The serial cable or USB cable is not connected to the sending card; the computer COM or USB port is bad; the serial cable or USB cable is bad; the sending card is bad; the USB driver is not installed.

    Troubleshooting: Confirm and connect the serial cable; replace the computer; replace the serial cable; replace the sending card; install the new software or install the USB driver separately.

    2. The strips with the same height as the light board are not displayed or partially not displayed, lacking color

    Cause: The flat cable or DVI cable (for submarine series) is not well connected or disconnected; the junction shows the former output of the lamp or the latter input has a problem.

    Troubleshooting method: Re-insert or replace the cable; first determine which display module is faulty and then replace the repair.

    3, some Bus Led Display Screen (3-6 blocks) are not displayed

    Cause: The power supply is protected or damaged; the AC power cord is not in good contact.

    Troubleshooting method: Check to confirm that the power supply is normal; reconnect the power cord.

    P10 Outdoor SMD LED Module

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