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    Xixun Control Card Qi

    xixun LED softwear, LED control system configuration, LED outdoor billboard softwear setting


    LeemanDisplay is specialized in LED display R& D, production and manufacturing companies, we are committed to providing customers with a variety of LED Display Solutions, and to provide you with quality products pre-sales, after-sales service.


    The configuration files of the control card are all set when the LED display is come out of the factory. You could edit the video and send it directly. (Please check NO.18 to know how to edit your video.) If the display is abnormal or is not a full screen, please set your configuration files separately.


    NO.1 when using the network connection to control, you should set the computer’s IP address on the same segment of the control card’s IP address. Xixun control card in the segment “0”and you could set as the following picture.

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